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Education Supporter Initiative
We are looking to expand the number of people and companies who are our Education Supporters. Cannabis VR & Marijuana.Ca are strongly committed to patients, the medicine, education, awareness, research, recreational legalization, and the industry in general. Education & awareness are important for the next phase of the evolution of the cannabis space. Education & awareness are core elements of our mandate. We have been involved with various aspects of this space for almost 20 years, including advocating for patients and advocating for recreational legalization. We are passionate about how we currently contribute to the space with Marijuana.Ca. We are driven and passionate about how the next phase of Marijuana.Ca and Cannabis VR will elevate our contributions in very distinctive & impactful ways. The future is brilliant.Benefits Overview:Our Education Supporters are supporting Cannabis Education, Awareness and The Medicine Fund.
The rising tide lifts all boats
An important part of the next wave of the evolution of the cannabis space and industry is the expansion of thoughtful and impactful education & awareness campaigns that initiate intelligent and compassionate conversations amongst Canadians and others about some of the core aspects of cannabis use:  Awareness of the laws and regulations, medical efficacy, the science, and responsible use of both medical and recreational cannabis. These core aspects are significant elements in our mandate at Marijuana.Ca and Cannabis VR. Our Education Supporters understand that supporting the overall evolution of the cannabis space and industry is also beneficial to them.

We acknowledge our Education Supporters and link to their websites across various Marijuana.Ca initiatives, including in our online magazine, on our Job Board and other areas. We will soon be expanding our offerings, adding a fresh look to Marijuana.Ca, and are adding some very talented people to our team who have great track records. In 2018 we will be launching Pot.Ca and the Cannabis VR App. Our target for 2021, is 10 million adult Canadian visitors a year across our 3 brands.
Cannabis VR
Cannabis VR will be ground breaking and compelling in a number of significant ways. Our intro page and App section go into detail about Cannabis VR. We will acknowledge our Education Supporters in various key areas of the Cannabis VR App and on our Web Portal. Education Supporters will be given early access to choosing their location, if they want to participate in our upcoming virtual Expo. We are building something useful, unique and beautiful.
The Medicine FundMarijuana.Ca created The Medicine Fund as a think tank and project to identify impactful initiatives for us to allocate some of our resources towards. For many years now, Marijuana.Ca has given exposure on our website and thru social media to various organizations that are doing good work in the space. In the spring of 2018, Marijuana.Ca and Cannabis VR will begin making regular financial contributions towards various organizations, and towards an initiative that reduces the medicine costs for patients in financial need. A portion of these contributions will come from funding that comes from our Education Supporter Initiative. In the spring of 2018, Marijuana.Ca and Cannabis VR will begin making regular contributions to various organizations like CFAMM (Canadians For Fair Access To Medical Marijuana), CCIC (The Canadian Consortium For The Investigation of Cannabinoids), The International Assoc. for Cannabinoid Medicines, IMPACT NetworkThe Arthritis Society, and others.
* In tandem with this, Marijuana.Ca & Cannabis VR will launch an initiative to offer financial support to patients in Canada who cannot afford to buy their medicine. We will partner with licensed producers who will assist us in identifying patients that may qualify for reduced medicine costs.
For more information, click here → to go to The Medicine Fund website.
Connection & The Future
You can choose to be an Education Supporter that is anonymous or that is acknowledged within the initiatives of ours that you choose. Being connected to our various initiatives as an Education Supporter creates a wonderful association between your mandate and our vision. Our Education Supporters will have early access to various initiatives, opportunities and potential partnerships. We are excited and intensely passionate about being part of what is happening now, and participating in the brilliant future that is on the horizon.__________________________Education Supporter Packages
We have various Education Supporter packages that suit various levels of interest & budgets.
Click here to see the packages, pricing and related benefits.
If you, or a company you know, would like to be an Education Supporter, or would like more information about our Education Support Initiative, please get in touch thru the Contact Form below.

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