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Welcome to the Cannabis VR web portal (beta). Cannabis Education + R&D.
The beta launch of our web portal is our light introduction to the public. A major update is in the works.
In the meantime, we have a few areas you can check out in the menu bar.
In tandem with our Web Portal, we have our App. See the △ on the menu bar.
________________________________________________Cannabis VR – Brief Manifesto
The cannabis space in Canada has entered the beginning of a bright renaissance that will be evolving for at least the next decade. The surge of excitement and potential is palpable. The range and depth of people involved in the evolution of the Canadian & international cannabis space is staggering. There is going to be a profusion of new medicines & delivery systems emerging for the foreseeable future.RecreationalCanada will legalize adult recreational use on October 17th, 2018.
This will have a profound effect on Canada, and it’s implications will reverberate around the world.AccelerateThe Cannabis VR and Marijuana.Ca team are committed and passionate about we do, and are excited about our current & future contributions to the cannabis space. Education, Awareness and R&D are vital parts of the next phase of this tectonic shift and we look forward to working with others to build it and celebrate it.

The future is brilliant.

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