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Screenshots & Designs : Cannabis VR AppOur Alpha Demo prototype is functioning well as a realtime interactive 3D experience.
Documents, Video, and linear realtime fly thrus are also working well.
The App is very engaging in standard display mode, with no virtual reality. in Virtual & Augmented Reality mode, the App becomes very powerful and deeply immersive. Our early stage Virtual Reality tests showed us how astounding VR is, and can be. See our App Overview in the App Core area of the menu bar for more App details. Below are screenshots from our Alpha Demo & 3D model designs we are considering for our App.
There are three sections :  (More images and info will be added over the next few months.)
Medical Cannabis & Cannabis         Wellness Experiences         Expo & Virtual Offices____________________________________________________________________
Medical Cannabis & Cannabis
Screenshot from Alpha demo: 3D model of THC molecule: Used for movie fly thrus and interactive education modules where the viewer can move around or spin the molecule and get more information about it. We will have 3D models of all the major cannabinoids; THC, CBD, CBG, CBC and more.

Screenshot from Alpha demo: Seminar room with movie on the wall. The movie is the Neuron fly thru movie that is further down this page. Our networking capabilities allow for groups of people to be in our spaces at the same time and connect with each other. This can be done on laptops, iPads, or using Virtual Reality headsets.

Screenshot from Alpha demo: Interactive human model with a neural network, beating heart and working lungs that show breathing action. Image quality will be improved in a future update.


Movie fly thru of the human brain neural network. Our App will have videos, linear fly thrus and an interactive 3d neural network that the viewer can explore by using their mouse, finger inputs on iPads, or various Virtual Reality touch controllers.

___________________Wellness Experiences
Our Wellness Experiences will focus on relaxation and creative stimulation.

_____________________________________________________________Expo & Virtual Office Space for Cannabis Companies and Organizations

Screenshot from Alpha demo: Lounge in one of our Virtual Office Space locations in Renaissance.Expo & Renaissance: Phase 1 of our App will include some additional interesting features and areas, including the opening of our virtual Expo location. The Expo will highlight many of the advancements happening in the cannabis & hemp space from a wide range of companies & organizations from Canada and other countries. Adjacent to our Expo grounds, we will build a culture hub and a series of virtual office studios and spaces on a large area of virtual land called Renaissance. The App has built in networking functions, so companies can have virtual meetings with multiple people or their clients in these spaces. Cannabis & hemp businesses, related organizations, artists and arts oriented businesses, and other kinds of businesses will be able to lease virtual studios and office space in Renaissance. Organizations & artists will be given reduced lease rates or not charged any fees. Some of the buildings will be available for solo tenancy, so a company could lease an entire building and use of some of the connected natural landscape around it.

3D Model Design: Expo Hall Entrance

                          3D Model Design: Early stage booth prototype

    3D Model Design: Custom Expo Booth

3D Model Design: Hospitality Area

3D Model Design: Office Building in Renaissance : Companies or Organizations can lease space in the building or lease the entire building. Additional buildings will be available.

3D Model Design: The Exterior Grounds of The Virtual Expo Facility. 



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