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App OverviewCannabis VR will launch an engaging cannabis oriented App & virtual Expo that focuses on Wellness, Education, Exploration, Awareness & Research. Additional App experiences related to culture, entertainment & the industry, will be released during Phase 2 and Phase 3. Our App works seamlessly with various kinds of media, including: documents, audio, video, Realtime 3D, + Virtual & Augmented Reality. It will be free, & available for laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets, smart phones & Apple TV.The App is very engaging in standard display mode. That said, with the push of a button, you can switch the App to Virtual Reality (VR), or Augmented Reality (AR) mode, where you can explore our content in VR or AR on the following devices: The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, iPad, tablets & smart phones.
Phase 1 focuses on Wellness Experiences, Medical Cannabis, Cannabis & our virtual Expo.
The target launch date for the Phase 1 public beta is Autumn 2018. After reading this Overview area, we recommend you check out the Screenshots & Designs area, found in App Core in the menu bar.Wellness
To start, we will offer immersive experiences that focus on 3 different aspects of wellness:
1. Relaxation.  2. Creative Stimulation.  3. Positive Memory Triggers.
We will offer these experiences to patients who have a wide range of illnesses & conditions. Patients with cancer, chronic pain, paralysis, ALS, Parkinson’s, terminal illness, & for patients who are in palliative care. These Wellness experiences will be available for patients who use medical cannabis and for patients who don’t use medical cannabis. They will work on standard displays, like laptops, tablets and smart phones. With a click of a button, you will be able to shift from a standard display experience to Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. There are currently a number of different hospitals in North America that are using VR immersive experiences for various purposes, including stress reduction. Links to articles and papers about this fascinating area will be posted to our App Core area relatively soon. For now, check out:
1. The following therapeutic VR experience that occurred in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles: > Link.
2. Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada is doing research in this area. They are also collaborating with Sick Kids hospital in Toronto on another project. > Link.
Part of our wellness mandate is that we want to understand if patients who use certain kinds of medical cannabis respond differently to our Wellness experiences than patients who do not use medical cannabis. We speculate that combining our Wellness experiences with medical cannabis could potentially have a greater impact on the patient’s well being, and possibly their recovery, than if they only used medical cannabis. We want to explore the same concept with patients who do not use medical cannabis, and see if our Wellness experiences bring something meaningful or therapeutic to them. More details about this concept will be available in the coming months.
Our Wellness experiences may also be of interest for people in the general population who want to reduce stress and become more relaxed and expansive. Part 2 of our Wellness initiative will add BCI (Brain Computer Interface) capabilities. BCI can be useful for increasing one’s ability to concentrate and can be especially useful or empowering for people who are severely paralyzed.
Medical Cannabis & Cannabis
Our App will be layered, so that users can easily move between various kinds of linear and interactive media formats to view the information or experience that they want, in the manner that they prefer. Using education & research resources from various credible sources, and in conjunction with expert advisors, the Cannabis VR App will create accessible and engaging experiences that focus on the following: – Medical Cannabis Primer
– Medical Cannabis 101
– Efficacy
– Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Flavonoids
– CB Receptors: CB1 & CB2
– Cannabis Chemistry & Biology
– Human Endocannabinoid System
– Content about responsible use
– Content that reduces stigma
– Information about Canadian Federal & Provincial Laws and Regulations with respect to access & use
Some additional details about what we are building:
– Physiological Visualizations & Simulations to explore and understand the relationship between marijuana, cannabinoids, terpenes and the human endocannabinoid system.
– Simulations to understand and communicate the effectiveness of marijuana as medicine for various conditions and diseases.
– The Micro Level : Realtime Virtual Molecular and Neuron Network Level Interaction Simulations Between: Cannabinoids, Terpenes, The Human Endocannabinoid System & The Overall Human Experience.

Movie fly thru of the human brain neural network. Our App will have videos, linear fly thrus and an interactive 3d neural network that the viewer can explore by using their mouse, finger inputs on iPads, or various Virtual Reality touch controllers.

Expo + Industry, Orgs & Culture : RenaissancePhase 1 of our App will include some additional interesting features and areas, including the opening of the beta version of our virtual Expo location. The Expo will highlight many of the advancements happening in the cannabis & hemp space from a wide range of companies & organizations from Canada and other countries. Adjacent to our Expo grounds, we will build a culture hub and a series of virtual office studios and spaces on a large area of virtual land called Renaissance. The App has built in networking functions, so companies can have virtual meetings with multiple people or their clients in these spaces. Cannabis & hemp businesses, related organizations, artists and arts oriented businesses, and other kinds of businesses will be able to lease virtual studios and office space in Renaissance. Organizations & artists will be given reduced lease rates or not charged any fees. Some of the buildings will be available for solo tenancy, so a company could lease an entire building and use of some of the connected natural landscape around it.

→ App Screenshots & 3D Designs

Our target audiences are patients, healthcare professionals, clinics, researchers, the industry & the general public.Updates about Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our App will be posted soon.

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